If your user ID/email ends in @noao.edu and you have trouble logging in please contact us: astroarchive@noirlab.edu.

If you have problems logging in from the Time Allocation System (TAS) please email: proposal-help@noirlab.edu


This is a single sign-on service for NOIRLab's projects. From here you can login once and access all of NOIRLab's projects*.

Creating an acocunt

You can create an account using our Singup Page. Creating an acocunt only requires a valid email address and some basic information. Once you've created an account you should recieve an email for account activation. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. Once it's activated you can login and access any of NOIRLab's projects*

Logging in

The sign-on process in is usually done once per active session. Once you're signed in once, clicking a "login" link on another project should just automatically log you in. Signing in is only required if you've previously logged out, your session has expired, or you are starting a new session in a new browser/device.

Logging out

Logging is as simple as clicking on the "logout" link on any supporting project. Even though you have closed your session on one project, your session on other projects may still be active and may require logging out of individual projects. Global logout is still a work in progress.


Your settings can be reached from the top navigation bar under the Settings link (you must be logged in to view this page). Here you an administer your profile and get some basic information.

*Some projects may not have integration with this single sign on service yet.